15:57 Thursday 10 April 2014  Written by ALAN SCOTT

Stevenage boss Graham Westley says he has not enjoyed third spell at club as player indiscipline has cost Boro dear

Graham Westley Picture by Dave Harwood Graham Westley Picture by Dave Harwood

AS the countdown to Stevenage’s ‘must-win’ league match against Colchester on Saturday begins in earnest, boss Graham Westley has revealed he has not enjoyed his third spell at the Hertfordshire club.

Westley returned to the Lamex just over a year ago. He battled with player indiscipline in the first six months but believes he has finally shaken the club of the turmoil he found it in.

He said: “I know Stevenage has got to get an enormous amount right to compete in League One. You can’t afford to turn up on the first day of pre-season training and not have two lads turn up because they have gone out partying the night before. If you’ve got a squad of players that think that’s okay, then you’ve got no chance. There was indiscipline in this place, there was a lack of focus, a lack of care.

“Stevenage isn’t a big enough club to have players like that around – but Stevenage had players like that around.

“That’s really been the story of my time here. I haven’t enjoyed my time here one little bit. I’m a serious person. I like to smile but I’m a serous person about my work and I like to win.

“That’s the only thing that’s on my mind is winning games. Giving the fans a victory to celebrate. If we play well and win that’s even better.

“The better our football, the better our wins, the better I feel at the end of the week.

“But when I’m working with jokers and they are not taking winning seriously. . .

“If you are Stevenage Football Club and you have got things like that going wrong, you have got no chance. Our league position is paying the price for there being a lot of indiscipline around the place.

“It’s very difficult to change people. You have to change them over.

“I went to a conference with Clive Woodward and he was talking about if players were not right for him he would just leave them out of the squad. But it’s not so easy when you have got contracted players to leave them out of the squad. If they are a certain type, with a certain mentality and a certain indiscipline it’s difficult.

“We have not been able to get enough right to compete at the level this season until the last 11 games. We are now a mid-table side in our form and performances, and that is a step forward.

“Our form isn’t enough when you have had half the season in relegation form. Now we have five games to punch above our mid-table form we have shown. We have done it before. We had the six-game run. We have got to get into that sort of vein or better than that.

“And we have definitely got to punch a weight that’s more than the teams we are playing against in the next five games.”

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